The EAK Programme "The Dialogue of Little Homelands"

Implemented by the European Academy of Krzyżowa, this project concerns local history in Lower Silesia between 1945 and 1989, in particular the immediate vicinity of the centre in Krzyżowa (mainly such towns as Swidnica, Dzierżoniów, Bielawa). Local communities are the places where Polish-German reconciliation, like many other phenomena of social life, acquires the most concrete and tangible forms. The knowledge of one's own history is an important tool for Polish-German dialogue, in particular the dialogue which takes place as part of town-twinning (Biberach an der Riss is a twin town of Świdnica) on the lands that have passed from German into Polish hands. In the broader context, the Polish-German situation has analogies in the Polish-Ukrainian situation (the taking over of the German heritage by Polish residents and the taking over of the Polish heritage by Ukrainians in the eastern territories of the Second Republic).


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